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RCI celebrates 40th anniversary

6th February 2014

Gordon Gurnik RCIRCI president Gordon Gurnik said: "When Christel and Jon DeHaan founded RCI on Feb. 4, 1974, they invented the concept of vacation exchange and forever changed the shape of the timeshare industry by adding an entirely new level of flexibility and choice to travelers. Since then, RCI has partnered with some of the most respected companies in the hospitality sector to continue moving the industry forward. Today, we celebrate the achievements of each of our affiliates as we look ahead to the next 40 years.”

RCI now has a vacation exchange network of more than 4,000 affiliated properties in approximately 100 countries – the largest in the world - with approximately 3.7 million subscribing members.

“Our members share our passion for travel, culture and adventure,” said Gurnik. “As we celebrate 40 years together, we want to thank each of our members for their enthusiasm for travel and their choice to see the world through vacation exchange. And as a token of our gratitude to them, we will be releasing several exciting member and consumer promotions throughout the year.”

Since RCI brought the flexibility and choice of vacation exchange to timeshare, the industry has grown rapidly. In the early 1970s there were 45 timeshare resorts around the world; today, the number tops 5,000. The types of products and services available to timeshare owners have also increased significantly, and the concept has grown and flourished around the world.

“We have some of the best and brightest minds working at RCI, who are constantly looking for ways to improve on an already celebrated vacation exchange system. Our reputation and track record of being an innovator in the industry is only possible thanks to the spirit and dedication our associates have for delivering the best experience to RCI members and affiliates,” concluded Gurnik.

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