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TradeWinds Fractionals

6th April 2011

TradeWinds Fractionals

When people are thinking about buying a yacht, their dreams are always the same. They see themselves at the helm, sailing crystal clear waters with their family and friends, drinking cool cocktails as the sun sets over another beautiful bay or walking along a moonlit ribbon of sand on an exotic island. What is not considered, is who will clean the boat, cook the food, make the beds, put fuel in the tanks, maintain the engine, check the generator and keep all the systems up and running!

With TradeWinds Fractionals, you can now enjoy the pleasures of a luxury yachting lifestyle at only a fraction of the cost, and a fraction of the commitment! You get all the freedom that comes with owning a yacht, without the problems that ownership often brings.

With TradeWinds Fractionals, you do the dreaming, we do the work!

So what is unique about TradeWinds as a provider of Fractional Ownership?

  • The people who started the business 12 years ago are the same people who run the business today.
  • We only use our own fully trained and experienced crews, maintenance staff, operations staff and reservations team, all of whom are fully committed to giving our guests the service and the quality that they deserve.
  • We have cruised the beautiful waters of the Caribbean for over a decade, ensuring you get the best out of your cruising experience.
  • We are committed to service, quality and fun, to ensure our guests the best experience of their lives! All you have to do is arrive, climb on board, have a wonderful vacation and leave the rest to us.
  • We provide you with your own Personal Concierge Service.
  • We offer you flexibility of choice in cruising destinations, within the group network.

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