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Your Time Leisure

19th January 2012


Shared Ownership - within everyone’s reach!


Your Time Leisure Limited have joined forces with an American RV sales and rental company, a canal boat manufacturer, a Super Car rental company, a Luxury Yacht manufacturer and a Luxury Home and Apartment developer to offer their clients the opportunity to own a share, rather than pay for all of the asset, as their company strapline points out – “Because Sharing Makes Sense”.


If you have ever considered or are considering a leisure-time asset purchase, but have been put off by the costs, then this is a solution for you. Shares are available in 25% blocks, rather than tenths or even twelfths, which allows up to four parties per vehicle, and makes the ownership experience more intimate and manageable. Unlike timeshare, individuals or companies actually own their share which gives them a return on the expiration of the plan which is three to five years. 

Dale Bywater Managing Director of Your Time Leisure commented “Our proposition is a sensible alternative to outright, individual ownership; our clients reduce their capital outlay, running costs and depreciation.  We understand the hassles and added costs that come with outright ownership; with Your Time Leisure, we bring together the interested parties, negotiate the deal on their behalf, provide all of the contractual arrangements and even provide a full back-of-house booking and reporting system, and on-going support as required. With shared ownership, you are really only paying for the bit YOU use, in the knowledge that you will also be getting a return on investment when you decide to sell”

The exact details of each plan are unique to each syndicate but would normally include storage, maintenance and delivery of the RV or canal boat to your chosen location, subject to negotiation. Owners can enjoy up to 3 x months use per annum with each 25% share, and can sell their share at any time, and see a return; so a win-win for all! 

Fractional ownership, when compared to individual ownership, offers a number of important benefits that aren’t available with conventional outright purchase. Savings of up to 75% can be achieved using shared ownership as your method of procurement, and the overall maintenance, storage and general running costs are shared too.

Nil-deposit finance packages can be arranged, and the fact that Your Time Leisure do not charge annual management fees, means that the overall syndicate costs are greatly reduced.

To enquire about Shared Ownership, please contact or visit TELEPHONE: 0845 475 1530

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